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Bill and Joann White
Bill & Joann


Locally owned and operated by Bill & Joann White

Since 1955 Tiffany Glove Company has been designing and manufacturing deer and elk skin gloves to fit your special needs and requirements and provide the ultimate feel and protection for your hands.

Since 1974 we have been designing and manufacturing rodeo gloves for Bullriders and Ropers with bullriding gloves being our specialty -- which has resulted in no less than 42 of the 45 PBR riders seen on television each week wearing our gloves, with at least 2,600 other bullriders...and the list grows every week!

Since 2003 we have been designing and manufacturing biker gloves. We are specializing in several different styles of biker gloves and can build the perfect gloves for your hands.

Tiffany Glove also specializes in Custom Tanning of deer and elk hides into leather. We can custom tailor any glove, slipper, vest or purse out of either your rawskin hide or already custom tanned leather. We can design gloves for any hand including long fingers, short fingers, missing fingers and any type of deformed hand. When it comes to gloves there is NO hand to difficult to fit!

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