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Biker Custom Designed Gloves

We now build Custom THINSULATE Gloves!!!

The Tiffany Glove is a hand cut and hand sewn glove. Each individual glove is handcrafted with the finest leather. We are committed to building the finest Biker Glove you can find. We don't focus on mass production; we focus on Quality.

Skull Glove Skull Bike

Custom Gloves Built Just For You! We will match your bike or your creative mind. All we need is a picture.

Tiffany Glove Company specializes in Biker Gloves to fit your needs. Your hands are unique and there are no two hands alike, so how can an off-the-shelf biker glove work for you? The answer to that is a pair of custom gloves just for your hands. We use special tanned deerskin leather which provides a snug fit and will stretch to fit the width of your hand.

We can match your bike, your club logos or just your own creative design. Tiffany Glove Co. can make any style glove you need. Any of our gloves can come with a specially designed knuckle and palm pad for more re-enforcement. These gloves are built to last you for years. We can also fit any type of hand including missing fingers or deformed hands. What we need from you is a hand drawing and the measurement of your palm area.

Most Tiffany Gloves can be built with Thinsulate. It can be sewn throughout the entire glove or just on the palm or back sides. We now have gel for those who like gel pads in the palm of their gloves for less vibration.

Lady's we even build gloves for you and have several awsome colors to match your bike. You will no long have gloves that are too long or too short for your fingernails.

These are the softest and most comfortable gloves you'll find. Even if the glove becomes wet it will return back to it's soft and comfortable fit. If you lose a glove there is no need in purchasing two new ones, we will keep your hand drawings on file forever. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

To Place an order with us you can give us a call at 208-642-2268 or e-mail us at You will have to mail us your hand drawing and palm area measurement. Send it to Tiffany Glove Company, 15 S. 16th, Payette, Idaho 83661.

This is a Tiffany Special biker glove with the modern eagle design embroidered on it. We have a variety of colors for the outside hem and just about any color of leather.

Tiffany Fingerless Gloves
We will build this glove exactly how you want it. The most comfortable fingerless glove you will find. Can be built inseam or outseam. We also have perforated leather.

Lady's we can build any style of glove that you need. You will no longer have to worry about your fingers not fitting into your glove.

Tiffany Special Glove with embroidery on the full knuckle pad.

Tiffany 85 - Our most popular glove. Black or Gold

Tiffany Plain with short gauntlet and red gussetts

Tiffany Biker w/perforated back and palm pad

Tiffany 85 with embroidered eagle and gold hem.

Tiffany Biker Glove with an open back and velcro strap. You can order in any color of leather.

Tiffany Gauntlet with Fringy's

We can build gloves for those with special hands.

Tiffany Biker - White with reverse palm


Some of our latest work:

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